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Mount Tom and Tadasana

While Te and I were vacationing in Vermont recently, we decided to hike up this friendly looking mountain right outside our window at the Blue Horse Inn . It’s name is simply Mt. Tom. At its summit someone years ago installed this huge wooden star up on a tower. The town of Woodstock supplies electricity to this magnificent construction so the star is all lit up at night Iike a beacon over looking this historic Vermont mountain town.

Our expedition up Mt. Tom took almost two hours to it’s summit where we stood by the star and looked out over Woodstock. We were struck by the stillness of everything and an overwhelming feeling of peace. (Once we overcame our subtle fear of heights. We were over 1,300 feet above sea level. ). Coming back down went a little faster than hiking up (our knees weren’t too happy about it though)

When I practice Tadasana now (mountain pose) I have a deeper feeling of it’s meaning and why it is fundamental to yoga.

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